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Lisa Eichar 

Transformational Life Coach

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In my 55+ years I’ve worn many different “hats”. Some fit others and were great learning experiences.  Several years ago, I was feeling so stuck in my life, career and was not as healthy as I should be. I wanted out but had no idea how to jump off the cycle of unhappiness.


As if I manifested it, I lost my high-level corporate position due to downsizing. There I was, unemployed and had absolutely no desire to get back on the corporate treadmill. I took time off to do some real soul searching and that led to starting to take care of myself, get my health back. Once that was on track, I had the energy to decide, I wanted to help other people, and Life Coaching seemed to present itself to me immediately! After 

gaining my Certifications in both Health and Life Coaching I was just about ready to begin, and then I met Jennifer Grace of the Clarity Catalyst. Her Clarity Course certification changed my entire mindset to this all and energized me even more to help others gain the clarity of what’s missing in their own lives… and HOW to get it! I love what I do, and my clients can feel that in our sessions and in how much passion I have for this work.

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